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Enable, Facilitate and Develop

  • In consonance with current developments in professional and creative photography, the university is fully committed with the education of future professionals in both fields. With regards particularly to Applied Photography, existing available vocational training courses only comprise elementary education. With regards to Artistic Photography there is a lack of education both in the fields of history and of theory and practice. Due to the lack of specific courses in photography within the titles offered by the Department of Education, our academic institutions do not include this area in their syllabuses.
  • With a view to bridging these significant gaps in the education of artists and professionals within the area of photography, this Master’s Degree in Photography, Art and Technique is aimed at the following goals:

To technically enable future professionals from different fields of professional photography such as photojournalism, industrial and advertising photography, architectural documentation, restoration, etc.

To facilitate students interested in the theoretical development of happening trends in contemporary photography with the necessary tools for analysis, theorisation and critique.

To develop a set of techniques and concepts to be used by artists during their processes of creation.


Master in Photography, Art and Technique


To obtain the master’s degree, two Specialization Diploma Courses must be taken.
Master’s Degree in Photography, Art and Technique: Specialization Diploma in Photography and Art + Specialization Diploma in Professional Photography.



Specialization Diploma in Photography and Art


Module “Photography in Contemporary Art” (35 credits)



Specialization Diploma in Professional Photography

Module “Professional Photography”:
(30 credits) + Electives (5 credits) = 35 credits